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Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy?

There is no formula for figuring out when you should file a bankruptcy case. However, below are some indicators you may need to file for bankruptcy: You have lawsuits filed (or being threatened) against you. You are current on mortgage and car payments but not other debts. You are behind on your mortgage payments but […]

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Does it matter which lawyer files my Chapter 13?

Why does the quality of my Chapter 13 representation matter? Chapter 13 Plans are not mechanical, so the resulting Plan payment┬ácan be very different depending on which lawyer your choose to assist you against your creditors’ attorneys. Chapter 13 Plans involve using knowledge of complex legal rules to your advantage. The bankruptcy lawyer you hire […]

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Does it matter which lawyer files my Chapter 7?

It is important to hire a bankruptcy attorney who knows what they are doing.┬áThe right attorney will know how to protect your assets and financial well being. Technically, any attorney could handle your Chapter 7, but it is not a good idea just to get any lawyer to do so. What’s the worst that can […]

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