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Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy?

There is no formula for figuring out when you should file a bankruptcy case. However, below are some indicators you may need to file for bankruptcy: You have lawsuits filed (or being threatened) against you. You are current on mortgage and car payments but not other debts. You are behind on your mortgage payments but […]

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What should I be aware of if I am filing Chapter 13?

It is not advisable to hire just any lawyer to handle your personal Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 Plans are variable meaning the resulting Plan payment┬ácan be very different depending on which lawyer your choose. Chapter 13 Plans involve using knowledge of complex rules to your advantage. The lawyer you hire will represent you against […]

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What should I be aware of if I am filing Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 is liquidation bankruptcy- once assets are found above the exemptions, you cannot simply ask for your case to be dismissed. Once you are stuck in your asset Chapter 7 case, property can be liquidated. You could end up losing your house, car, bank accounts, wages, tax refunds, retirement, other financial accounts, life insurance, […]

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