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Chapter 7 Process Timeline & FAQ

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline Prior to Filing a Bankruptcy Case In the last 8 years did you: ~~ File for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and receive a discharge? If it has been less than 8 years ago then you will be ineligible to receive another discharge at this time. (§727) ~~ File for a Chapter […]

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Chapter 13 Process Timeline & FAQ

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process Prior to Filing In the last 4 years did you: ~~ Receive a bankruptcy discharge under Chapter 7, 11, or 12? If it has been less than 4 years ago, you will be ineligible to receive a discharge in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. (§1328) In the last 2 years did you: ~~ […]

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Judgments and Garnishments

A judgment refers to a decision by a court that has been entered into the public record. Before a judgment can be issued, a lawsuit must be filed against you. If you do not file an answer to the lawsuit within the time period required by law (usually 20 to 30 days after service of […]

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