Whether you have credit card debt, personal loans, debt lawsuits, medical bills, judgments, wage garnishments, tax debt, pending home foreclosure, mortgage arrears, or car repossession, we can assist you. See a list of some Bankruptcy Indicators.

Filing bankruptcy allows people with debt to protect their assets and income and avoid a garnishment or levy. Bankruptcy filings require expertise and experience as there are a lot of complicated rules that change often.

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COMPETITIVE PRICING: Bankruptcies as low as $1495.

We will provide you with a questionnaire and a list of documents and information we will need for your consult and to file your bankruptcy. Typically, the documents needed fall into the following categories: (1) income (pay statements, income taxes, bank statements, etc.); (2) expenses; (3) assets; and (4) debt (invoices, statements, bills, collection letters, lawsuits, etc.).

Our team of committed and compassionate bankruptcy attorneys can offer sound legal advocacy, successful solution plans, and personal care and attention to your personal financial situation.

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