The following are a sampling of some typical questions you may be asked during your brief 341 Hearing/Meeting of Creditors:

Sell, transfer, or give away anything in the last 3 years?
Owned or operated a business in the last two years?
Did you read the bankruptcy information sheet?
Did you review and sign your petition and schedules before they were filed?  Is all the information correct?
Did you list all your assets and all of your debts?
Do you need to make any changes?
Do you receive child support?
Do you understand your obligation to report inheritances in the next six months?
Do you own any real property?  How much would your house sell for?
Own any other real property, cars or bank accounts?
Own any antiques, collectibles or significant jewelry?
Do you have any claims against anybody? Any lawsuits?
Does anyone owe you money?
Did you pay back any family or friends in the last year?
Expecting a tax refund?